Welcome to our Shell!

Welcome to Team Helix! This is our official website, and we are glad you came along to join us on this journey. We’re a group of passionate Minecraft map-makers, situated from all over the world who have come together to do what we love: Build!

We’re still a relatively small team, but we’re definitely a close one. Team Helix has had a long running history, full of ups and downs. But it never stopped us from wanting to place blocks in a way that captivates the player.

We push forward to keep growing as a company, and as a team that strives on building, we hope we use the skills we specialize in to also construct an environment that becomes something each of our members can happily look forward to everyday! 

Our goals are simple: To build maps, expand our team, and do what we love as a community of like-minded players. We hope that with what you see here on our website, we can inspire you the same way we are always inspired to build!

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