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Founded in 2014, Team Helix is a group of professional Minecraft creatives. Since our conception, it has been our mission to create a community that can grow their talents, explore their visions and create colorful worlds.

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MineDraft Season 3


Twitchcon 2022 MCL Characters


Twitchcon 2022 MCL Lobby


Amber Oak State




Steampire Isle



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“Fast, professional, and affordable”

“Team Helix is my go-to for map builds whenever I’m making a new server or live event. They’re fast, have an incredibly high quality product, and are much more affordable than their work would suggest, especially when compared to other build teams. Examples of their incredible work they’ve done for me include every MC Ultimate Hunger Games map, and the upcoming Twitch Rivals MineDraft Series #2 Maps.”


CEO at EVNT Games

“A team you can trust to get the job done”

Team Helix is best described as a team that you know can get the job done. From the ideation phase to execution, Sanders and his team were very communicative, open to feedback, and able to pivot on a dime. The amount of hours their team dedicates to their passion is incomparable to other teams. As a result, they can proudly say they created a very successful build with 0 bugs; The Game Pass Has PC Games: Minecraft Invitational. 100%, I would recommend them to any company looking to hire a build team that will succeed.

Kyle Soo Hoo

Program Manager at BoomTV

“Bringing a vision to life”

“Team Helix has been amazing to work with. I am astonished with how they were able to bring a vision to life and look exactly how I pictured it. Wonderful build team who I would 100% work with again.”


Youtuber & Streamer

“Over-delivers Again”

“Team Helix has such incredible detail and realism. Their attention to going the extra mile in every build is nothing short of breathtaking. There seems to be no limit to their imagination and building. Dream big because they build huge.”


Voice Actor & Influencer

“Impressive craftsmanship”

“Working with Sanders and his build team was a success for Minecraft Ultimate. With an intricate map design necessary to impress both content creators and fans, I was impressed with their craftsmanship and attention to detail.”


Minecraft Ultimate Organizer

“Phenomenal builders”

“It’s been a pleasure working with Team Helix. They’re all phenomenal builders, and it’s great seeing that they have no limitations when it comes to the task that you’re asking them.”


The Winner's Circle Host

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Team Helix is open for commissions! If you are interested to hire us for a project, then please contact us through discord, an email or through our social media!