About This Project

Set sometime in the 23rd century, the gears and cogs are turning once again, restoring New York City to it's former glory, now with the second industrial revolution full steam ahead. The remnants of the cities hypermodern architecture and glistening skyscrapers are sights of the past, with blackstone and red brick returning Manhattan its long lost industrial identity.

The crane filled horizon and turquoise tiled roofs of Brooklyn and Queens greet the visitors arriving by the airship, while deforestation consumes the last patches of foliage in The Bronx.

The Empire State Building still towers over the rusty Midtown, surrounded by the Hudson River which divides the factory district from every borough. It may not be marveled at like the rest of the city, but its the engine of Steampire Isle that keeps the propeller powered and the jagged piece of rock afloat forever.

Steampire Isle was commissioned for YouTuber Krinios' upcoming animation.




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Project Date:

April 24, 2021