Stranded in the vast expanse of space, The crew of the I.S.C. BREAKOUT is tasked with finding replacement engine parts by venturing across 4 different worlds, in SolarEscape. The ice planet Frostus, the desert planet Cryptia, the jungle planet Plento, and the rogue planetoid Tor Igna all contain various puzzles that the crew needs to overcome in order to make it home. SolarEscape was custom made for BoomTV’s “Gamepass has

Six Cross

Inspired by London’s King’s Cross and St. Pancras station, we celebrated Helix’s 6th year anniversary by building a BedWars map that highlighted the long and aesthetically pleasing train journey that the team has been on so far.

Amber Oak State

Based on Kansas City and Chicago, Amber Oak State combines the best of America’s urban and rural landscapes with staple skyscrapers such as the Willis Tower and the Mark Twain Tower, a baseball field, suburban houses and parks that with the autumn themed resource pack give everything that cozy, seasonal feel!

Porte Orange

Originally for the MCGamer Network’s Battleground’s gamemode, Porte Orange is a remote Caribbean island that’s become a centre ground for pirate fighting, with a ship and dock on each side, and a market square at the top of the multi-tiered island, players who take advantage of the landscape will have an edge over their opponents.

Survival Games: New Horizons

Ground Control to Major Tom, it’s an oldie but a goldie! New Horizons was one of the first few maps led directly by Sanders in Helix’s early days. It’s crowded with space tech, geometric decorations that blend seamlessly with bio-labs, space mines and more! Players get to explore a distant space station that became a home to many. Originally a submission for MCGamer, New Horizons beams a light on the

Survival Games: California

SG California is a 24 player survival games mashup of the Golden State’s most iconic landmarks, including Golden Gate Bridge, the Hollywood sign, Transamerica Pyramid and Universal Studios. With a mix of flat and mountainous terrain, water and desert biomes, the PvP dynamic match the electric atmosphere of sunny California and it’s world renowned image.

Survival Games: Holiday Resort 2

Originally built in 2015, “Holiday Resort 2” is the sequel to Simey’s original Survival Games map “Holiday Resort” for the MCGamer Network, with more hours of fun to have and places to explore. Water slides and rollercoasters, yacht trips and speedboats, golf courses and tennis courts, it’ll be a summer you won’t forget!