Founded in 2014, Team Helix is a professional Minecraft build team consisting of dedicated and talented builders. Since the very beginning it has been our mission to grow our building talents, explore new building concepts and to keep creating higher quality worlds.

From the very beginning, we have dedicated ourselves to growing as our own community that was heavily partnered with the former (Late) MCGamer community. Many of our maps have been frequented by thousands of players everyday by communities from the likes of:MCGamer, Hive, and many more!

As MCGamer has unfortunately shut down, our partnership has meant the loss of many wonderful people who have loyally been with us for years. Despite this, the team itself has never backed down from opportunity and New Horizons (Pun absolutely intended).

No matter what, we continue to aspire growth and change. So we hope to continue supporting our community by encouraging players far and wide to apply. And we hope you, the reader, get inspired to do the same!